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    posted a message on Football stadium. Biggest on mcpe?

    hey guys

    recently i started building a stadium. This is my progress so far.

    I made it too big so it cost a lot of time to complete it..

    looking forward to Some advice

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    posted a message on +/- 85000 seats soccer stadium pt1


    i started making a soccer stadium.

    If you guys have any suggestions, tips and so on, let me know.

    Feedback is always nice.


    the full link

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    posted a message on Big world, 5 years work and counting


    After playing several years on my Minecraft world I want to share it with other mcpe players.

    It might give you some ideas.

    I started building 5 years ago a football stadium and it kept expanding by time.

    Now, my world is mostly inspired on sports.

    There is the football stadium but also a rowing, swimming, hockey, archery stadium.

    I made an indoor ski-track, wild water track, ski-jumping place.

    But there are also rollercoasters, a highway, a parking lot and so on.

    Over the 5 years my building techniques have changed.

    Wit still several projects in the making, my world is not yet finished.

    Here it is.

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