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    posted a message on A stick in the leaves

    could make sticks upcraft into planks. Perhaps 5 sticks in an X pattern with string in the remaining 4 spots.

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft v1.13 all about bug fixes?

    1.13 is not a content-less version, but 99% of the work being done is centered around less-visible or invisible changes (bugfixing, optimization, etc).

    Content-wise, we're getting the following in 1.13:

    a new horse/horse-variant model that doesn't depend on the borrowed model from the Mo' Creatures mod (while Dr Zhark did give permission for Mojang to use it, Mojang felt it was time to stop using other people's work)

    trapdoors and pressure plates obtained the different wood textures, like was done earlier for doors, fences, and gates.

    a new texturepack for all the vanilla textures (technically this is a standalone offering, not actually bundled into the 1.13 release, and it's currently not completed yet.)

    (this space reserved for things I've forgotten about)

    The bulk of what we're getting (which either does not have visible content or does not have a visible component at all):

    a completely redone command system that entirely reinvents the underlying data structure (NBT, ID, metadata) of the game. If you did something in 1.12 regarding command blocks, custom blocks, scripts, and probably extending to plugins/mods (many of which insert their own commands into Minecraft), consider it broken. You'll have to go back and fix everything, probably in a way similar to what happened between 1.7.10 and 1.8.

    The way Minecraft dealt with fullscreen and video resolution was changed. We now have 4K support, but more importantly Mojang got rid of the ability to have Minecraft continue running while focus was on another window (aka AFK mode). This will impact the use of things like fish farms in that you will now have to continue staring at the boring drudge work being performed in Minecraft instead of alt-tabbing away to watch videos, read ebooks, or surf the internet.

    a flurry of various bugfixes. The combined result of this effort is that Minecraft has literally become less laggy, and not in just a small way.

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    posted a message on Please help with my Mo' Creatures Problem!!!

    The reason why is that you most likely didn't force yourself to stick to a small area in your world. You probably went on long adventures looking for jungles, mooshroom islands, ice plains, and other areas of specific content, plus you went caving, mining, and hunting down structures.

    The reason this is important is because during all that exploration you were creating buttloads of new chunks. World generation spawns up to 4 passive mobs in about 10% of the chunks generated, and this type of spawning completely ignores the passive mobcap. The passive mobcap for every world is just 10 individual animals of all types (not 10 parrots, 10 cows, and 10 whatevers), so obviously you do not need to go very far away at all to greatly exceed the maximum number of animals allowed.

    The good news (sort of) is that the mob cap only applies to the loaded mobs around you and in spawn chunks, which means that if you went far enough away the previously-existing animals could be removed from the cap and replaced with another batch. The bad news is that the more you explore the more older animals you will encounter so your mob cap will basically never again get anywhere near 10 mobs (probably even as high as 50).

    Without the use of commands to delete or otherwise deal with the existing mobs, you're just going to have to travel further and further out to cause more animals to spawn. There's literally no way for you to move fast enough or cover a large enough area to kill enough animals that you free up space for more to spawn.

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    posted a message on Animations

    I suppose it might be too OP in a multiplayer environment, but I'd like to have some idle-steve animations. Maybe after a while he starts kicking around pebbles or digging in the dirt with his foot, possibly meandering around in a small circle. The animations could progress to other things, too, like lying down for a quick nap, lying down on his back to cloudgaze (perhaps a thought bubble showing random item/mob/block icons could reveal the shapes he's finding), or taking a seat to do a little basketweaving (or as an easter egg, some sort of local swedish crafting). Things could progress to the comical or downright weird after a certain idle threshold, such as having a picnic with with a villager that gets broken up by a zombie/creeper/illager or having steve write a little note in a written book that he presses against the screen that says something along the lines of "please come back, I really miss you!". Perhaps for long-term idles, the on-screen steve whips out a crafting bench and crafts up a sign and a fishing pole, plants the sign where he was standing and writes "gone fishing, be back later", and then walks off the edge of the screen.

    Another really long idle animation sequence might be that steve throws an off-camara/OOC party. At various intervals, a new guest randomly chosen from the minecraft mob lineup arrives. When you come back and take control again, the party stops and steve shoos them away and resumes his place with a sheepish look.

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    posted a message on Should NPC Villages be spawned in ice Plains biomes

    Nah, they should be more biome-aware (they live there, after all). Water sources should be covered, or maybe the farms are kept in buildings (ie, greenhouses). They might grow entirely different crops as well, probably pumpkins and mushrooms. They could even have special biome-specific farms--a captured snow golem for making snow, an ice farm, etc--and maybe have a faux farm that suggests they're able to produce packed ice. Perhaps they'd even have a snow golem factory that generates snow golems instead of iron golems at triple the rate (1 snow golem for every 3ish villagers.)

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    posted a message on The weirdest village you've encountered as of yet?

    I don't have any pictures of it, but I found a village that had every single building half-buried so that nobody could get in/out. Poor Jimmy and his family did not last too long.

    Another one I saw was in a modded world, it probably got positioned at the very edge of a savannah, but it was right next to a savanna plateau M and except for like one or two buildings the rest of the village sprawled up the entire plateau. If it wasn't for the clashing of the cobble foundations stretching upwards for so high, it wouldn't have looked so silly.

    I did come across what was otherwise a perfectly formed village, but it happened to have a zombie dungeon pretty much centered on the town center. Let's just say that the villagers had a need for speed pretty much all the time there.

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    posted a message on "Noob" woodland explorer map question

    Are you using a texturepack? Those have been known to interfere with maps.

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    posted a message on Eleytra useless with bad rendering

    No gateway islands exist before about x/z 1000. Are you sure you flew out far enough or were flying in the correct direction (outwards away from the main island rather than inwards towards it)?

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    posted a message on Inspirationless

    When you say you automate everything, I take that to mean you stopped having a creative bone in your body a very long time ago and that you simply took the "best" or "most efficient" designs from everyone else. I don't take that to mean you put a lot of thought into figuring out how to move chickens, pop them up to an exposed position, and roasted them with a custom-built flamethrower (a reference to Etho's thaumcraft BBQ chicken cooker, and entirely pointless but fun build for him that makes him happy.)

    It's this sort of stuff you're gonna have to do to make Minecraft fun again.

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    posted a message on How far can two witch huts be from each other in order to be active?

    They're too far away by roughly 100 blocks. The farthest away 2 witch huts can be from each other is 242 blocks, and that's assuming a straight line with the player sandwiched between them halfway (121 blocks away from each hut.)

    Mobs will spawn out to like 240 blocks away or something, but after 128 blocks away those mobs immediately despawn so the grinder will either never activate at all or it will activate too slowly (the mob will be long gone by then, therefore no drops will be generated.) A witch hut has a 7x7 footprint horizontall, so to ensure that the entire hut remains within the 128-block area this means you can actually be no further away than 121 blocks.

    Using the Pythagorean Theorem (or, really, good old fashioned addition), if you have two huts and you want to be as far away from them as possible while still generating drops then

    a^2 = 121

    b^2 = 121

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2

    c^2 = 242 = distance between hut 1 and hut 2

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