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    posted a message on Is it possible to move a build from pe to pc?

    Not familiar with the PE edition's idiosyncrasies, but this may be doable using MCEdit (or a similar world editing program). [Assuming your build is too large for structure blocks to be viable.]

    If you can't find an appropriate thread…

    … possibly the denizens of would be able to help….

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    posted a message on Nether Houses

    Somewhat similar what I proposed here (last paragraph)… although this looks more like it was built by a Nether native who didn't understand the folly of structural Netherrack :rollleyes: (except for the cauldron).

    I'd rather have these generate randomly rather than near portals (as tying them to player portals makes finding one much more likely).

    I'd rather remove the brewing stand as including it removes the need to kill a Blaze to make one (igloos & end city ships notwithstanding).

    The cauldron (which I would rather see as a possible feature rather than a guaranteed one -- similar to an igloo basement) suggests to me the "Nether House" was built by an overworld visitor which would make coccle a more likely material.

    (Using Nether brick would seem to require either the presence of a nearby Nether Fortress or a furnace, while using netherrack as a building block seems like it should have been blasted out of existance. )

    The chest loot seems to me like it should be based largely around items brought by someone who didn't suurvive the trip rather than items largely found in the Nether…

    Assuming these aren't tied to player portals, allowing a small chance (~8 1/3% ??? ) of a nearby (<16 blocks Euclidian) unlit portal might be a nice addition…

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    posted a message on Sleep Adventure!!! :D (Suggestion)

    This proposal would kill the sleep to skip ahead mechanic.

    If regular sleeping is to be encouraged &lt;_&lt; coerced :mad: by 1.14 anything that adds a timerequirement to sllep has a serious downside…..

    Even without that consideration, the dreams as alternate reality seems like an added mini-game. [Not somthing I'd support]

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    posted a message on Should add Deers

    With no mob in MC currently exhibiting sexes (and that part of stock breeding being fairly heavily lampshaded), the buck/doe differentiation may run afoul of standards and practices… (…not that more realistic animal breeding / genetics wouldn't be a desirable addition to the game [ Any mods which do this?])

    Something that would avoid this issue is considering the new mob to be reindeer (caribou) — in most species of which both sexes are horned.

    (This would also fit well with in the proposed biomes.)

    The antler drop as a bone substitute seems reasonable, and this proposal would add a use beyond food for apples.

    (Antler might benefit from another use… as a substitute for flint in crafting arrows, perhaps?)

    Crop eating effects are already implemented with rabbits

    ["Rabbits will find and eat mature carrot crops. Eating of carrot crops will reduce the growth stage by one, only removing the crop completely if the growth stage is 0."]

    so this is not – in itself – an issue…

    Limiting the range of crops that will be eaten is, however, recommended. (Probably wheat: this also rasies the possibility of allowing a seedcake {crafted from 9 seeds} as an apple alternative for breeding.)

    As part of this (and to distinguish reindeer from cows), they should have a considerable jumping ability — requiring double- (or even triple-) high fencing to secure fields. [Whitetail are rated by the USDA as able to clear 15 foot fences and moose are anecdotally said to be able to clear 8 feet, but a brief search turned up nothing definitive on reindeer. ]

    I agree that there are already many food & leather sources, but the other side of the argument is the illogic of having a large domestic mammal not drop a logical resource (i.e pigs&sheep / leather or llamas meat).

    The primacy of "gameplay" can be argued, but that is also the argument for cows (or equivalents) not being present in these biomes….

    Something to consider: Adding a biome appropriate mob can be seen as an upgrade, but how large a can of worms will this open?

    Generally like the idea, but have some concerns about opening the door to excess proliferation of variants.

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    posted a message on Nerf water slow-down effect

    Given that DepthStrider3 tends to be common by mid-game, decreasing the full strength effect seems unnecessary…

    Tying the slowing effect to the liquid Depth seems a logical idea…

    [Note a full block is Depth=0 while the smallest, ankle deep blocks are Depth=7.]

    Extending this, the slowing effect should be effected by whether one is in only one water block (waist to ankle deep) or two (head to waist deep)…

    Have you any ideas on how the water depth might affect the effects of Current

    [Logically, the impetus with which one is pushed by a current should vary along with the impediment to movement; however, implementing this would break much of the current utility of water flumes for mob and item transport.

    (One way around this, although I don't see how it would be accomplished without breaking other parts of water mechanics, would be to allow water to flow without decreasing in depth; this would, again, better mimic real water. )]

    Given the lamentable upcoming changes to water physics scheduled for 1.14 [which it appears will break many builds already], this would seem a poor time to further interfere with these long established mechanics…

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    posted a message on Realistic water color

    Taking this to mean you want a single water block to show as a fairly transparent light blue eg #ccccff, moving towards a nearly opaque deep blue eg #000080 over as one looks through more water filled blocks…

    This would more closely mimic the behavior of light in real water (and would likely make for a 'prettier' game) – both of which would be desirable – I would prefer this sort of thing remain an option (rather than written into the vanilla game) due to concern about the computational overhead…

    Like the idea, support only if this can be achieved with minimal/trivial overhead.

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    posted a message on Forum pages sometimes take forever to load, only to partially load

    I mentioned this happening with Palemoon back in Dec 17 link

    Fortunately, the first refresh generally works… (UNfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing issue….)

    RE: sig quiz

    Obsidian for houses in an unnecessary expense (bottom 3 layers at most :P) ; build in 1 deep water (DepthStrider3 is standard equipment ;) ) which also stops zombies even if you don't 'reverse' the open/close positions of your doors and save the obsidian to expand your gold farm…

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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?

    Limiting the answer to vanilla MC, it's very time dependent [time since I started the world] and somewhat biome dependent.

    First few days of a world, nearly always bread…

    Moving to carrots/potatoes (depending on which a zombie drops first) then chicken once I have a good breeding flock… [say week two]

    Then on to porkchops/steak as I get pigs & cows

    Apples as available throughout…

    By MC day #30, I usually stabilize on apples while in base (farming, logging, etc.) just because they are available [I tend to use a lot of oak] and steak for

    exploration/projects because it has good hunger/saturation values and stacks to 64 but has no other use (chicken & pork can be traded).

    [For the Nether: lack of water generally means I either import food as above or switch to mushroom stew in base (from low efficiency but cheap mushroom farms along tunnel walls etc ) and chicken (from hopper/dispenser set-ups).]

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    posted a message on Owls

    Rather than dropping feathers for double range arrows, I'd rather Owls be (semi-) tamable…

    Semi-tamed Owls would not despawn, would have a tendancy to perch in trees near the "taming" player, and (in addition to the warning function) would proactively hunt NightFlyers…

    Good idea, time something airborne & friendly was added….

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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?

    also really [i]REALLY[/i] sick of people saying that they speak for the entire community on certain points, like how 'everyone' hates 1.9 combat and such, you can have an opinion, but it is yours, not yours and your friend, not yours and the community, it is YOUR opinion and stop trying to justify it with ' [insert subset or percentage] agree with me.'

    Now this part I stongly agree with…
    which makes:

    [arthaiser's remarks » colored green & flanigomik's replys » colored red]
    "1.13 removes the use for dragon eggs, if you are referring to being able to break bedrock with dragon eggs, this was not a feature, it is a bug, a bad one even that can lead to a horrible experience if abused in the right cases. removes the use of flint and steel for observer based contraptions... this was an unintended feature caused by MC-4923. if you would like it re-added, create a feature request and get signatures for it."

    quite ironic….

    When something exists in a systems for some considerable period of time while becoming widely known and used, that idea that – because it was not originally intended behavior of the system – it consititues a bug that needs be removed is an arguable propostion…. […at [i]best[/i].]

    [arthaiser's remarks » colored green & flanigomik's replys » colored red]
    and a new mob that is going to make afking a nuisance and new water mechanics that have the potential to ruin a lot of automation? we still know very little about its behavior other than it spawns at high altitude in the dark at night, last i checked most of my builds are not on a mountain outside with exposed roofs, if yours are that is OK but you will need to come up with a defense.

    While little is has been released about the NightFlyer [Mob B], everything that has been released has pointed to a mob so well suited to inhibiting AFK mob farms (and AFK in general) that it gives the appearance have been designed with that in mind…

    it spawns in air [meaning that there will be no simple effective way to block spawning in the way lights, bottom slabs, and carpets block spawning on solid blocks]
    at high altitude [(Jeb's opinion of 'high' may be in question – I recall nothing definitive but Y=~100 seems to have been bandied about.) Regardless of the specific number, 'high altitude' is precisely where most mob farms are built.]
    it is consistently described as a hostile mob [which almost certainly means it will spawn under the hostile mob cap, thus lowering the efficiency of mob farms and (perversely) encouraging more or longer AFK sessions]
    it is announced to specifically target players who have not recently slept [aside from an AFK annoyance (an 8 hr 'overnight' AFK session lasting 24 MC days) this will

    • make long play sessions in general annoying [I have been known to play for several hours straight, as – I think – have many others, and the need to watch how long I log, farm, and build is not appreciated]

    • break the utility of having a major base [if one has constantly to sleep in a bed and reset ones spawn, one will no longer necessarily spawn back to a well known location and developing that location becomes less advantageous]

    • make bed acquistion a much higher early game priority [this means if sheep are lacking, darkroom spider grinders become more prevalent; again perversely encouraging more mob grinding/AFKing]

    • attempt to coerce playstyle with respect to when and how often one sleeps [as if to play Nanny-state Naptime — and I aged-out of being made to take naps quite the few decades ago]


    The rest of the reply might be reversed to: "Last underwater builds[i] I[/i] did, worked just fine (and[i] I[/i] even used the air bubbles to enhance my build), if you haven't been able to do this, that's OK – you just need to learn how..." which position I quite doubt would be appreciated…

    I note there is no response to the point that Mojang is breaking current fence, slab, etc. water builds, but would still call to attention to the fact that this action is unnecessary. [Due to the removal of the BlockID limit the bubble free blocks being cooed over could have been added without breaking the current mechanics]

    As, given how widely some of these mechanics are used, the idea that Mojang is unaware of these uses is passing strange… which supports the allegation that this is deliberate griefing aimed at a certain playstyle.

    This further supports the contention that the scheduled to be comtemporaneously released NightFlyer is an AFK griefer as it would further the same end.



    replies in another colour < correct way to spell that BTW USA

    Not since 1783 [Treaty of Paris]

    EDIT; [i]italics tags appear to be broken[/i]

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    posted a message on Italianate House Showcase and Tutorial. The First of my new Architecture Builds.

    Good looking modern Italianesque house.

    RE the video:

    As said above, too long for what results (a roughly 1 chunk decorative house with no redstone or special lighting). Given the simplicity of the build, doing a voice over of a slide show showing floorplans and elevations would be at least as informative and likely shorter.


    Also, if you are doing a tutorial on a particular style, using the proper names is helpful to those who may wish to further explre the style…

    knowing and explaining the difference between an eave, a cornice, and a corbel, what a pediment is, etc is much to be preferred over "they have a special name (I can't remember the name, but it doesn't matter)"


    Minimizing block counting and place/replace cycles would also be appreciated.

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    posted a message on How to replicate item duplication bug in server?

    In this case and according to your analysis, how can this be replicated or was it just a lag between the server and my MC client?

    Short version: I don't think you will be able to replicate the event because I suspect it was caused by a lag issue outside your MC client.



    My guess is that much or all of the cause lies on the server side; what you describe doing ought not to have overburdened your client MC or the connection. (Although, I suppose, a transient connection issue could have been involved.)

    If I were trying to replicate this, I would look at the server logs to see what was happening at the instant this occurred…

    (eg if, just as you were placing blocks, another player detonated several hundred blocks of TNT, this might have created an issue server side that precipitated the event)

    My guess is that the server (rather than the connection) "lagged-out" and created the duplication event; the unstable connection being created by an overburdened server.

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    posted a message on Transporting blazes in the overworld?

    From the wiki:

    "Blazes will not attempt to swim upwards in lava or water, unlike zombie pigmen. Despite taking damage from water (see #Combat),
    blazes will make no attempts at their protection if somehow pushed or
    dropped into water. Blazes' pathfinding does not avoid fire, avoids
    water like other mobs avoid lava, and treats lava like other mobs treat

    This has suggested to me that they could be moved via lava flume (analogous to how Overworld mobs are moved in water flumes), but that water-vators/buble-vators equivalents will not work to move them up.

    I've been meaning to test this, but haven't yet gotten a Round-2-It

    Looking at your diagram the killing box (gold block) is 16 horizontaly & 16 vertically from each spawner or 22.6 blocks Euclidian from each spawner; my understanding is that the 16 block spawner detection range is Euclidian (unless this has also been modified) so, even if you are standing on the cobble just below the gold block (which is 16H &15V from each spawner) you would be out of range.

    (The only square in range of both spawners in your diagram is the one exactly in the middle of the spawner row; 16 from each)


    This presumes your kill-station and the spawners are on the same level; if you drop the Blazes 6 (to get them clear of the spawn zone), the sum of the squares of the horizontal and vertical displacements from each spawner can not exceed 220 [16^2-6^2].

    If the lava flume idea will work, you would also need to a further drop every 4 blocks horizontally (or fraction thereof) in the Overworld (every 8 in the Nether).

    This would require three additional drops to get them into a flume between the two spawners (a total of 9 minimum vertically from each spawner if 1 deep flumes are used [as Bazes can 'fly' 2 deep flumes seem useless]).

    If the killbox is assumed to be directly between the spawners so the displacement on one horizontal axis equals 2 (1 for you to stand on, 1 for a partial wall for to protect you), the maximum distance from either spawner would be 13 [ SQRT(16^2-(9^2+2^2))= SQRT(256-85)=SQRT(171)=13.07]. Stated another way, the spawners could be a maximum of 26 blocks apart.

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    posted a message on Is over-clocking worth the risk?

    If you have the expertise to do this yourself (not just following a set of instructions but understanding what you're doing) overclocking can have significant benefits…

    …and if you're that into your electronics you probably both have multiple backup computers available and regard potentially frying a chip set as part of the cost of your hobby.



    ["Back in the day", it was often better to buy 2 or 3 sets of cheaper (i.e. slower) memory SIMMs and see which worked than to buy one faster set.


    One of the consitently denied allegations about chips is that they are all manufactured to the highest speed, then a sample of each batch is tested and the batch is "rated" only for the highest speed test it passes. Marketing constraints, however, are alleged to lead to many high end chips being sold as low end chips because it is cheaper to run one production line.


    BoutDoneWMojang ( :>: on the handle BTW) makes a good point about cooling; I can remember using duct tape and flexible hose intended for a dryer to pipe cold air from a window mounted AC into boxes upgraded beyond manufacturer's specs. :rolleyes: ]

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    posted a message on Scythes (Tool)

    This seems unnecessary, for clearing larger areas of plants a water bucket already works well…

    [From the description it appears you want to remove flowers and tall grass leaving grass blocks, not convert grass to dirt ]

    The Smite enchantment currently tops out at Lvl5 in vanilla; taking this up to Lvl8 would add an additional 7.5 damage (33/4 hearts) [beyond the 12.5 damage (61/4 hearts) bonus given by Lvvl5 ] which seems excessive.

    Having tall grass drop wheat instead of seeds (which is what I take "Also could rarely turn seeds into wheat" to mean) would skip the need to farm wheat at the cost of losing the geometric increase planting and harvesting gives. This is actually fairly balenced, but I don't see a great utility to the effect....

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