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    I'm not a builder. Not in the slightest. I'm neither good at it, nor do I particularly enjoy it most of the time.

    This may not be an ideal gap to span, but I really need a 22-block long, 5-block wide, 12-block tall bridge and nothing I'm doing looks right to me.

    The top is of no concern, I'm talking about the supports below it—the general shape from the walking surface down.

    Here's a fly in the ointment—and I'm sure all these caveats is going to make getting a reply unlikely—it's actually an underground walkway and there will be another bridge below it. Moreover, it's a viewing area; visibility from the walkway is very important. I really don't think it needs any sort of rails or anything from the walking surface up.

    It can't be lit from above, so the real difficulty is the lighting.

    Here are some pictures so you can see the area I'm working with.

    Current (smooth stone is scaffolding):

    (Above) The far wall in the last image will be the map wall, and the map is so large it needs a viewing platform. I can't raise the ceiling (the whole castle is up there), so the map will be lower than eye level here.

    The walkway runs north-south. However, the floor at the bottom will be removed and will drop down to bedrock level far below.

    There will be an east-west bridge that runs in the center below it at the lower floor's level.

    Pretty well, the castle is all stone bricks with cobble floors. Smooth stone and andesite/polished andesite is used here and there.

    This is a vanilla survival single player world with no commands.

    With all these specifications, it probably going to be difficult to even get a reply, but perhaps the building community can help me out a little. Also, posting in threads like this help me organize my thoughts and helps me break builders block.

    Thanks for reading and for your time!

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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    Could be a change in a recent version, as all my trap horses came from 1.10.2 or before, but I cant find anything about that. I'll have to try a trap horse from this version in my speed tester, if I can get one!

    I swear I remember them having the exact same variation as regular horses.

    Your fastest horse is named Moonbeam, isn't that right, Mr. N?

    A speed of 12 m/s is pretty good. I only have a simple speedometer that measures to whole numbers, so I don't have an exact time, but my fastest horse is about 13 m/s and the horse I last rode the most commonly was 12. Of course, I just fly everywhere now. Horses went the way of the pig for me.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    I used to get really annoyed at my Guardian Farm base when I regularly got 3-6 Skeleton Horseman spawn from storms, but since they've changed the spawn rate I've not had one!

    Right! I know! Same here. I wish the fool would have at least tested those horses. The four I have are the slowest and worst-jumping of the pasture.
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    posted a message on Miner seeking advice on constructing roofs
    Quote from TheRealFanatic»

    How did you get through this phase - or if you never have felt that frustration, are there tips you can give me to see projects through?

    I've heard multiple pro builders voice frustration—in creative even—working with stairs. We know your pain, especially those of us, like you, who aren't really builders.

    Practice makes perfect. The more you work with stairs the easier it becomes. It starts to become more natural. You finally figure out and retain how to place them to get them to face the direction you seek. It just takes time.
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    posted a message on [Journal & Pics] After a Year and a Half, I Finally Found a Jungle
    Return to the Jungle

    Blasting off from my perch atop Castle Midgard's central tower, I rocketed to the far-flung jungle in less than an hour today—an epic journey that took days of arduous overland horse riding nearly two years ago, all the way back in December of 2015. I didn't even fly straight to my destination; I took a similar route as before while stopping to land at each obelisk I erected on my first expedition to the dark jungle. Having been farther than the jungle while flying to a Woodland Mansion, I knew 7 km in one direction, 20 km in another wasn't a long trip. In fact, I spent a great deal more time sight-seeing than flying; I'd say of the 60 minutes between liftoff and landing at the Jungle, about 45 minutes was spent touring on the ground and reminiscing.

    This time, I didn't forget the cocoa beans!

    (Above) My first view of the jungle in nearly two years.

    (Above) It looks small from this view, but this is only a peninsula. It stretches for kilometers. That's right: multiple thousands of blocks. Large biome world.

    When I landed on the beach, I checked my Mending, Unbreaking III elytra's durability. Out of 432, they still had 209. Plenty to make it back home if all I did was mine a single vein of coal real fast.

    Having heard of parrots, I went looking for one, not because I wanted to tame it, but who would travel all this way without at least going to see Minecraft's latest mob and its first bird?

    Of course, I heard it first, whistling and chirping. It took a bit of slashing my way through the vines, but I spotted her:

    Okay, I changed my mind. While I haven't had any pets since Fang's death in another world years ago, and while I particularly loath Minecraft's AI—oh how I hate it—seeing this little bird softened my heart. What's it take to tame these things? Seeds?

    After feeding it 15-20 seeds hand foraged from the sweltering jungle's dank floor, I gave up. I stopped myself just short of lacerating it with Frost Fate, my Sharpness V diamond sword. I fed it 3.5 times its own weight in seeds! What does it take?! Anyways, I only wanted to see and hear them and that's what I did.

    I left the jungle and flew a little farther south toward the expansive desert I found on my last return trip. There, I did battle with husks, slaying my first one!

    Though I've found another desert since I started this thread long ago, I've never bothered to actually fight what's basically a re-textured zombie. I didn't know they caused hunger! Pretty cool.

    It occurred to me that fire should do increased damage to them if they're "husks," dried out, mummified corpses.

    After the desert, I flew over a savanna, still following my old route. It was weird to be 20 km from home but still see villages generated in 1.8 with gravel roads and (now) incorrect wood types.

    (Above) A savanna village generated in 1.8.9. I've not passed through here in almost two years.

    Past the savanna was a tall mountain range and I'm rather surprised I climbed. It did, however, continue pretty far south and take me away from the ocean shore I was following, so that's probably the reason. I wanted to go home, back to the north, and I hoped that I could follow the coast back to my homeland.

    My horse and I stopped for the night high in the mountains.

    (Above) I never thought I would see that sign again. Surprisingly, I guess I was playing at Christmas, 2015. Notice the tree I planted back then hasn't grown. There was also a carrot tossed in that little pool of water that hadn't de-spawned yet.

    Actually, I didn't fly down here just to bird watch in the jungle. I also wanted to visit "Horse Island," the small island with horses and the place where I forgot the damn cocoa beans.

    (Above) Horse Island

    There, I picked up the stack of beans and took off toward my second to last obelisk:

    I remembered it, because it was scary leaving it behind with my horse in tow. I decided that the ocean was far to big to go around, so I cut north and started looking for a place to shove off. Continuing to follow the coastline would take me way off course to the west, it seemed. So, I made a boat, tied a leash to my horse, and started paddling.

    (Above) Screenshot taken Dec. 26, 2015 on the far side of the obelisk in the previous picture.

    I had no idea how long it was going to take me to cross the ocean. No need for pictures, but in my large biome world, it was quite a while before I saw any land, even a small island, and that was with render distance 32, which unfortunately is still the maximum. It was unnerving crossing the high seas in a paddle boat while also trying not to drown your horse in tow. Several times, his lead snapped without me knowing and I had to turn around and go get him. Sometimes, he was just a dot on the distant horizon. I couldn't dive to the bottom of the deep ocean each time to retrieve the leash, either; that would have taken forever. Worry started to creep into my mind—would I run out of lead ropes? What would I do then?!

    Now, I hear horses will ride along in the boat with the player, buoyancy be damned. Not in 1.8.9!

    Again, no need for pictures, but I made it to the other side after about 5,000 blocks of rowing, literally. I remember thinking I would have looked like one of those shipwreck survivors crawling on his hands and knees onto the shore, gasping and choking for air, blistered with sunburn. Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but I was very glad to be out of that endless expanse of water-meets-sky.

    While it might have taken me a whole real-time day on horseback, it took no time at all from that point for me to rocket back to Midgard; a few minutes at most.

    (Above) Flying in from the south, Castle Midgard in the distance. Yes, it's a lot bigger now. A whole lot bigger.

    Here are some comparison shots:

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Front of the caste, looking toward the east. Know that it will one day be taller than it is wide. The pentacle of the highest tower will be near the top of the second image. This is merely the early stages of the foundation for what I have envisioned.

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    I've never made nor eaten a cookie in Minecraft, ever. Well, after returning with the cocoa beans, I was finally able to scarf one down!

    (Above) Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! My first cookie ever!

    Maybe I should rename this thread, "After Three and a Half years, I Finally Made a Cookie!" :lol:

    Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from leangreen76»

    Please don't rain on my play style if you know nothing about it first.

    I mine when I have to, I use my ores and don't just hoard them away - weapons and tools mainly. Some hoarde, some use what they have I'm the latter. I've never constantly craved diamond armor, it's an "In-case" thing for me as I learned how to fight mobs PVE long ago. With the combat changes I re-learned and never have a problem with it, armor is simply a case of "If I need it." With the difficulty increasing in my home region in the last year or so it's only now that I do feel I want a little added protection, there's nothing wrong with that.

    No need to defend your style of play, friend! I didn't read Pykaxe's questions as derogatory at all, and I know mine weren't! Yours is only one of four or five worlds I follow.

    I don't have much in the way of armor or equipment in reserve either—why entangle liquid assets? I only have monster drops, old stuff from 1.8.x that can't be enchanted or repaired any longer, and stuff from before I knew how to enchant efficiently.

    At the same time, I do have noticeably more resources on my world though it's only half your world's age—but so what? It's just stuff sitting in chests. If people were to compare our worlds, most would find yours far more interesting. You're a much better and more prolific builder than I. Same goes for Mr. N Derman. His world is about the same age as mine, but it's many times more advanced. His amazing automated farms have made him like a golden pharaoh compared to my backwoods wilderness kingdom. What do I have to show for my play style? A huge backup file. My exploration has increased my map's size to nearly 4 GB. No one's going to care about that, but distant exploration and adventuring is what I enjoy most, so I couldn't care less. ;)

    Quote from Pykaxe»

    Nice for exploration/sight-seeing, but for commuting along an established route between distant houses/villages, I'd rather just hop in a minecart. And then save my gunpowder for important things, like fireworks shows and what-was-i-thinking-scale landscaping projects. ;)

    You predict so, but I doubt that will be the case once you've had some time with your first set of elytra, especially now that they can be rocket-powered. I didn't fly very often at all until I learned about bow boosting, and then still only for long trips. As time went on and I became more skilled, I flew more and more. Like I say, with rockets, I now fly even within my main base.

    I'd rather rocket at 32 blocks-per-second rather than 8, established route or not. (However, a good horse is still much faster, doesn't require rails and isn't restricted to them, which is why before elytra they were my preferred method of travel.)

    I use rockets like candy. I've never wanted for gunpowder (or paper, obviously) even though I used duration III rockets (but I'll now use first-duration[1]). A well-established end-game player will always have access to a Looting III diamond sword (I carry two) and without ever having to go looking for creepers, I have about single chest worth of the stuff, not counting three or four stacks of duration III rockets. Creepers (and witches and withers) can be farmed as well, but even the most basic general mob farm will provide a nigh limitless supply. Sugarcane farms are some of the most simple of all types, but I don't even have one of those.

    After you've had your wings for a few months or so, we'll see then which you prefer. ;)

    Not saying that flying above it all isn't quicker/safer, just that there's lots of fun adventure to be had on the ground as well.

    Oh, of course! As I've said a number of times, my entire play style is based around distant adventuring. My trip to the jungle linked in my signature is just one example of such.

    Now, *that* sounds like fun. :D Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on one and flying around; I just don't think it'll become my main method of transportation.

    Again, I don't think your prediction will fare well for very long after you obtain your first pair. We'll see! :)


    Edited due to buggy forum software.

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from lotus49»

    As far as I am concerned, elytra have completely superseded all other forms of travel other than for the very shortest distances. Apart from anything, flying is great fun.

    I learnt how to use a bow to boost flight but that was a real pain in the bum. Now we can use rockets (which are very cheap to make), flying is pretty much without any disadvantages at all.

    Rocket powered elytra flight is the single best update ever. I'm a big fan.

    Totally agreed. "Other than for the very shortest distances" practically being across the room for me. I fly through long halls and up and down lengthy staircases in my main base.

    Walking is for mortals. :lol:

    Quote from janskydunbird»

    I find roads useful for inspiration too. Where the road runs first, other constructions will spring up subsequently: inns, post-houses, farms, communities. I should like, eventually, to have overworld roads running to every meaningful location in the SSP world I'm currently working with--even the stronghold, and that mesa 4k blocks away... Not sure what I'll do about ocean crossings yet, maybe try to concoct some sort of glass tube subway or simply build seaports and ships for fluff.

    Very true. I agree that where roads are built, there are builds.

    Quote from Pykaxe»

    No Elytra yet - I've yet to visit the End, on any of my worlds - but I see that as more of a fun toy for exploration and cool screenshots than for serious long-distance travel; I'm actually more intrested in the Shulker boxes (and have lots of ideas for using them effectively).

    Shulkers are another game changer, that's for sure.

    However, nothing is quicker and more efficient for long-distance exploration than elytra. Not even close.

    I've utterly abandoned my Nether railway, and in the time it would take me to undertake (relatively) dangerous and costly expansions, I could have flown to and from any distant point of interest several times. At the same time, those flights would be fun and scenic recreation rather than mindless drudgery cutting through seemingly-endless netherrack in the darkness. No way am I going back to that!

    With Unbreaking III, elytra have a range of about 48,000 blocks (48 km), which they can travel in roughly 27 minutes. It took me two real-time days of almost constant game play doing nothing but horse riding to find a jungle and four real-time days of casual game play doing the same to return. I'm guessing it took very roughly 24 hours one-way, so 48 hours of travel, some of which was by boat crossing an ocean with my horse in tow on the return trip. A direct, straight-line distance to that jungle is 21.4 km, which would take 32 uninterrupted minutes of holding down the forward key on a flat, featureless plane on my fast (11 blocks per second) horse. At about 30 block/meters per second with elytra, it seems I can fly there in less than 15 minutes, then fly back, all without having to recharge their durability. About 30 minutes of fun flying through the air versus about 48 hours of grueling overland travel on horseback.

    To be very clear, let me give another real-world example. On a whim and just for the fun of it, I recently flew about 25,500 blocks (25.5 km) to a woodland mansion, stopping a few times along the way to sight-see, built a waypoint, cleared the mansion, and then returned home all in the span of a couple hours or so of exciting, entertaining gameplay. That includes all logistical time, of which there was none to speak because I'm just flying over there. Compare that to my epic jungle-seeking expedition, the vast majority of which was a wearisome slog. Not to mention the danger. Imagine if I had accidentally rode my horse into a lava pit, off a ravine's edge, or into water with downward current. Now, I'm stuck in a far off land with no horse and not enough food to last for the long walk back. There's just no comparison at all!

    But, that's just long-distance travel, only one aspect of why elytra are so great. Besides that, elytra are just plain fun. It's thrilling to rocket from a ravine's floor into the sky. It's a blast roaring between the banks of canyons and through mountain formations. Diving off my castle's tallest tower and plummeting at break-neck speeds toward the rapidly-approaching ground just to pull up at the last instant is exhilarating.

    I can't wait to dogfight the Ender Dragon in an air-to-air duel.

    Elytra turned kings into gods.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C2 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from sp614x»

    Increased the render distance limit to 1024 when loading the settings.
    Coming in next preview C4.

    Quote from sp614x»

    I was delaying the bugfix as I wanted to implement it properly, not as a hack. Changing the render distance via settings.txt is not the correct way to do it. It would be much better if the game itself can detect what is the max. possible render distance based on available RAM for example.
    Has someone checked what render distance (over 32) needs how much memory?

    Quote from Sharpe103»


    I'm fine with the hack! Hack away! I want to see my tower from my castle!

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: My third anniversary on the forum and my 300th post!

    Quotes from October, last year.

    Render distance is again on the front page of Reddit, with a screenshot of a city with a render distance of more than 100.

    I know you're very busy and have all sorts of aspects of OptiFine that you're working on, but I really would love to set my render distance to 64. Any mid-range modern computer can handle a render distance of greater than 32 now. A brand new lower-mid-range budget system even can.

    With OptiFine, this is one area where the soon-to-be-titled "Java Edition" of Minecraft can really shine. After an update or two, it's going to get a lot harder to claim superiority for Java Edition over what's now Windows 10 Edition.

    Please, man. Even if it's just editing a text file like with regular Minecraft, that's just fine with me.
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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD

    Roads are very nice for horses, which was my preferred method of travel before elytra. Once I obtained wings, I started flying to all my nearby bases. Once I learned how to bow boost, I started flying everywhere. Once they added rocket boosting, I even started flying inside my base and 15,000 blocks became no big deal.

    So, roads are nothing more than decoration now. I even stopped using my Nether rail system to go from base to base when I started bow boosting everywhere as its both faster and more fun. I haven't road a horse in more than a year and haven't needed to ride a mine cart in that long either.

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    posted a message on What to do on survival after building decent house and having crops
    Quote from lazarus33pjf»

    I prefer to enchant books. If nothing good comes up on the third level, just toss a throw away level one enchantment on the book to move the next one.

    I've got double chests full of books. Enables me to combine them for more powerful enchantments, and pick and choose what enchantments I want to put on specific gear.

    What seems like so long ago, that is also how I went about enchanting. Exactly. After I found a skeleton spawner near a ravine, I set up an XP farm and enchantment facility around it. I did the same as you describe and I still have a half-dozen chests of tier-one books languishing forever in storage.

    I also have a Smite V book that can't be used, even on a brand-new sword. It says "too expensive!"

    Lesson learned.

    It's certainly possible to obtain god-tier equipment starting with tier-one books and combining them all the way to level IV and V enchantments. It is not, however, optimal. At all. I no longer use tier one or two enchantments on books. Only tier three.

    If tier three doesn't have the enchantment I'm seeking, I enchant a mundane bow from the skeleton grinder (or, rarely, craft a shovel) and imbue it with a tier one enchantment, then toss it.

    No more sifting through a voluminous library of junk first-tier books. No more lost levels or time spent fiddling with combining them. No more books wasted. No more storage space hoarding worthless titles.

    The final enchantment on Frost Fate, my Sharpness V, Sweeping Edge III, Looting III, Mending diamond sword was 17 levels. Plenty of room for several more enchantments as Mojang adds them, just as they did with Sweeping Edge this version.
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