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    posted a message on NEW MINECRAFT SERVER 1.0.0

    Hello there!

    Are you annoyed of rabbits and horses in new minecraft and you want to play classic minecraft?

    Then you are on the right thread! There is new 1.0.0 minecraft server for PC. The main goal of this server is to return back to the classical minecraft survival experience and let players enjoy it once again with their friends.

    Here is IP:


    - AuthMe - password protection.

    - Orebfuscator - anti-xray, to prevent cheaters.

    - GriefPrevention - you can claim your own land with golden shovel, prevent griefing, trolling and looting.


    - Respect other players and ops.

    - Do not spam or send abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented messages in chat or you get banned.

    - Password stealing will be solved with ip-ban.

    Nothing more to say.... just enjoy!

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