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    posted a message on What's the big deal?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Regardless of whether Twitch is a contributor, there is something very wrong with these forums.

    The shrinking popularity of this forum is not caused by this forum, it's a consequence of the evolving Minecraft ecosystem. At this forum's popularity peak the way people played Minecraft differed greatly from the way that it is played now, the role websites played in the Minecraft ecosystem differed greatly too. As the game has evolved, so has the ecosystem. You can see this reflected in the traffic of this website, the Minecraft Wiki, and many other major Minecraft websites. The fall in traffic here is not unique to this forum. Furthermore, it's important to understand that discussion about Minecraft has always been a minority here, this forum was primarily driven by players looking for content and some of those people stuck around to discuss Minecraft. Fewer people here for content means fewer people here to discuss the game, and those that do stick around have less and less to talk about.

    At the peak of Minecraft's popularity amongst PC players, the game was very different: a player needed this forum and a player needed the wiki to be able to play the game. Since then the ecosystem has evolved substantially, players are not dependent on this forum or the wiki anymore.

    The way that console players exist within the wider gaming community differs from the way PC players exist within the gaming community too, check out any website focused towards console games, and even the most successful have very little in the way of forum discussion: that's just not what console players want. For example, futhead (another Curse website) is a website about the console game FIFA. The website's traffic is approaching an order of magnitude more than the traffic to this website, yet their forum is less popular than ours.

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    posted a message on What's the big deal?
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    People understandably don't want to make a second account to use a forum about something entirely unrelated to Twitch. No other forums does that.

    It can be many reasons, really.

    For some, including me, the forums have been declining in quality, and the whole Twitch thing was kind of the final breaking point, I'd imagine Twitch would want to make some changes to the forums if they're going all out with it, I really don't have any faith in those changes being good, either not really mattering or being overall terrible.

    Members of this forum previously required a Curse account, think of this as a swap from Curse accounts (which no longer exist) to Twitch accounts.

    This forum has been owned by Twitch for over a year now and they have had no say in the forum management, the only change has been this switch from Curse accounts to Twitch accounts which was a necessity as Curse accounts do not exist anymore.
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    posted a message on Correct forum to discuss Minecraft Better Together

    Further to what webrosc said, there is a forum-wide announcement outlining the changes we have made, you can find that announcement at the top of each forum, or by clicking here:

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    posted a message on An update to the Minecraft Forum category structure

    I noticed missing prefixes tags in "Mapping and Modding: Java Edition" category and forums like "Minecraft Mods".

    Thank you -- I'm unsure what happened, but I have fixed it, you should now be able to use prefixes again in the Mapping and Modding: Java Edition forums. Thank you for your patience.
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    posted a message on New forums feedback

    As explained by sunperp, the Minecraft: Java Edition category gets top billing because it is by far the most popular discussion category here and we would indeed move things around based on future popularity :)

    You are welcome to create a "Small Suggestions" thread for the new Minecraft game in the Suggestions forum.

    Someone raised the question regarding Pocket Edition in the comments on the forum wide announcement about the changes. The long story short is that with the new Minecraft game we're unsure if the old Pocket Edition will continue to have a meaningful player base of users who have chosen not to upgrade. As time goes on and we see how interest in that forum evolves we will make a decision about the long-term future. I expect that the majority of players will upgrade and if that is true we will move Pocket Edition into the Minecraft: Editions category, this change will be made in the coming weeks.

    You are still allowed to make suggestions for the various Minecraft: Editions. The Discussion and Suggestion forums for each of these editions were not receiving very much in the way of new posts, therefore we consolidated them into a single Discussion forum which is where members are encouraged to discuss the game and make suggestions. I will update the descriptions of these forums to better communicate this change.

    Thank you for your feedback! If you have any more please let us know.

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    posted a message on An update to the Minecraft Forum category structure

    Following the launch of the new consolidated Minecraft game (also known as the Better Together Update), we have restructured the Minecraft Forum categories to better reflect the various versions of Minecraft. Mojang have officially designated non-Minecraft versions of the game as "Editions", for example, "Minecraft: Java Edition", and "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition". You can learn more about this change to Minecraft in this article. This forum structure update clarifies which category applies to which version of the game.

    1. Minecraft Discussion has been renamed to Minecraft: Java Edition.

    2. Servers has been renamed to Servers: Java Edition.

    3. Mapping and Modding has been renamed to Mapping and Modding: Java Edition.

    4. A new category, Minecraft: Editions, has been created. This category contains a forum for each Edition of Minecraft, except for Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition which continue to have their own categories due to their popularity.

    5. Each Minecraft: Edition forum has been consolidated, instead of separate "Suggestions", "Recent Updates" and "Discussion" forums there is now a single "Discussion" forum for each edition where members can discuss all aspects of the game; current, future and ideas. Additionally, each Edition category contains a Multiplayer forum.

    These changes should not have an impact on the way most members use the forum, however if you are not sure where you should post please take a look at the following information:

    If you would like to discuss Minecraft: Java Edition, visit the first forum category, Minecraft: Java Edition.

    If you would like to discuss the new Minecraft game, which is cross-platform and available on Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, Mobile and soon Nintendo Switch, visit the Minecraft category.

    If you would like to discuss the old editions of Minecraft, such as the Xbox 360 Edition, or the Playstation 4 Edition, visit the Minecraft: Editions forum.

    Please use this thread to share any questions you have about this change, or send me a Private Message. Thank you for your understanding :snowgolem: by Tulaash

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    posted a message on What to do if your thread or post has been marked as spam

    The Minecraft Forum runs an automated system that automatically identifies whether or not a post is spam, once a post is identified as spam it is hidden from public view, it can only be seen by the member responsible for the post and forum staff. Sometimes the system will have false positives, a post that is not spam will be marked as spam, this usually happens to new members with a very low post count.

    Minecraft Forum moderators are able to mark a post as not spam, which will help train the system to better identify what is and what is not spam. All posts marked as spam are regularly manually reviewed to identify false positives however it's possible your post may be missed, therefore you can request a manual review of a specific post at any time.

    If your post has been marked as spam and you would like to report it as a false positive, please perform the following steps:

    1. Visit the post that has been marked as Spam, it will have a red background

    2. At the bottom of the post click the "Report" button, this will open up the Report dialog

    3. Select "My Post Is Not Spam" from the Reason drop down

    4. Click the "Submit" button

    After you have submitted your report a moderator will manually review your post and mark it as not spam, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, if your post has not been marked as Not Spam within 24 hours you may send citricsquid a Private Message asking for a status update, likewise you may send a Private Message if you have any questions.

    Please do not try and post something again if it is still marked as spam, this will reinforce the system's belief that your post is spam, reposting the same content multiple times will not bypass the spam filter.

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    posted a message on Older posts

    The My Threads system is intended as a place for members to keep up with the content they're actively participating in, which means the content is displayed is a maximum of a month old. At the top of the My Threads page you should see this notice:

    "Find your full post and thread history via your Minecraft Forum profile, this page ("New or Updated Forum Threads") is limited to posts made in the last 30 days."

    To view your full post and thread history go to your profile (accessible by clicking your name in the profile drop down at the top right of the forum, or by clicking on your avatar next to a forum post) then click on "Posts" or "Threads".

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    posted a message on Add 1.12.1 tag

    Thanks, done :)

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    posted a message on Forum punishes the best contributors, is kind to the worst

    The forum rules that can realistically lead to posting suspensions are the forum rules that are most important to our ethos of providing "...a safe, secure and family friendly environment for Minecraft fans of all ages to share and discover their love for Minecraft". Members who are polite and constructive are rarely, if ever, going to risk any form of posting suspension because the forum rules that they might violate (while remaining polite and constructive) are rules that we'll initially issue friendly rule reminder warnings for, which carry no points, and only members who repeatedly break these sort of rules (for example bumping, duplicate threads, necroposting) in a short period of time would gain enough points to receive posting suspensions.

    I have reviewed every posting suspension issued in August so far and every single one has been issued to a member who either broke one of the rules around being polite (flaming, profanity, inappropriate material) after having received previous warnings for that behaviour, or someone who has broken one of the other rules (bumping, advertising, duplicate threads) numerous times in a short period of time.

    There are members who have made thousands and thousands of posts without ever receiving a warning for flaming, or using profanity, as their attitude is not one that would ever lead them to behave in a way that could be considered anything but polite and constructive, and for many of those who have received a warning for that behaviour, it was the last time they ever engaged in it. Everybody can have a bad day once in a while and might say something out of character that leads to a warning, but only those who consistently come to the forum with a bad attitude towards others will ever risk being excluded from the forum for any length of time.

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